the movie “the fast and the furious” is a 2001 action and crime movie directed by Rob CohenIt. this is the first movie of The Fast and the Furious franchise. The film stars Paul Walker; an actor of the past and one of my personal favorites, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Rick Yune, Chad Lindberg, Johnny Strong, and Ted Levine.


the movie starts with a hijacking scene with three black modified Honda civics steeling a truck with very important valuables. LAPD officer Brian O’Conner goes undercover as a street racer to find the gang responsible for the hijacked truck. Brian goes to a car meet up to find a leading suspect of the crime Dominic Toretto and race him to get closer to him and gain vaulble information on the crime. Brian puts his car on the line and offers his pink slips to Dominic if he loses, this brave move catches his attention and he accepts the race.  after the intense race Brian lost to Dominic and has damaged his car after pushing it past the limit trying to beat him. Brian was still overwhelmed buy nearly beating Dominic. Dominic asked him “what are you smiling about?” he reply’s in hysteria “dude I almost had you”. Dominic starts roasting Brian on how badly he damaged his car the said “ask anyone, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is wining.” the cops then turn up and they all make a run for it. Dominic escapes and hides his car in garage then leaves by foot, the cops identified him on the streets and knew he had something to do with the race so he runs. Brian finds Dominic and pics him up and they make an escape but then gets caught up by an Asian motorbike gang with guns. Brian’s car gets shot up and explodes so they walk home. Dominic then host a house party and invites Brian. Brian gets taken to the LAPD hideout the next morning to discus leads on the crime, Brian is convinced that Dominic has a big role in the hijacking. Brian gets accepted into the gang and helps build a 10 second car that he owes Dominic since the other one was destroyed. Brian returns to his regular day job in the garage and a racer that he meet at the race comes in wanting parts for three Honda civics, this has Brian suspecting him about the crime. brian looks for further information and sneaks into a garage and finds three honda civics but gets caught by one of Dominics gang members being suspected as a cop, Brian lies his way through and Dominic replied “lets go for a ride”

Dominic and his team are hard at work get the new car build up and ready. Dominic shows Brian his prize possession car that him and is dad built together, Dominic tells Brian about how powerful it is “900 horses of Detroit muscle” and “its got so much torque that the chassis twist of the line” Brian ask how fast has he driven it, he said he never has “it scares the shit out of me.” I think that Dominic is scared of the car because of how it killed his dad and he doesn’t want to die the way he did so he stays well away from it. Dominic then quotes “I live my life a quarter mile at a time, nothing else matters, not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all there bullshit, for those ten second or less… i’m free.” this is a very important and inspirational quote to me, Dominic lives by this rule and this iconic movie quote has inspired the rest of the world to lives  like this too.

the following night Brian take Dominic’s sister Mia out for dinner, Brian ask how the “team” came to be, Mia explains “its just the way my brother is though, he’s like gravity, everything just gets pulled too him, even you” Mia use “gravity” as a metaphor to explain how Dominic attracts people around him and brings them close together like a family and just like how gravity works a solar system.

the LAPD team are still suspecting Dom of the crime but Brian doesn’t want Dom to get caught because he still thinks that someone eles did the crime but i think that he wants to think that because if Dom went to prison again Mia would find out that Brian was undercover and would leave him.

Brian finds out that Dom is going out to hijack a truck, Brian confesses to Mia that he is a cop and that Dom an the team are in danger because the truck is rigged by the LAPD. this upsets Mia but she goes with him to save the others. the team find out the driver of the truck is armed and one of there team mates are stuck on the truck and they need to get him off. Brian come racing in to help, pops the roof off the car and jumps out to grab his team mate and pulls him back into the car. Dom discovers that Brian has been a cop this whole time and was about to beat him up then looked into Mia’s eyes and stopped.

Brian and Dom find each other at an empty road and deside to race, dom crashes and jokingly says “thats not what i had in mind” while climbing out of the car with a broken arm, they both hear sirens in the distance and know they are coming for Dom. Brian gave him the keys to the car and said “I owe you a ten second car” Dom takes it and leaves before the cops arrive.

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