So Angus you’re doing your journal entry for your label to reading long on a nonfiction tix that you’ve read. Could you tell me the title and

the title is Chef light and order is David. David, gentlemen. Yeah.

Can you tell me about it. What’s it what’s it about it’s basically about just dirt racing and

the same as like sit and cross rich

and it’s just about a group of friends that

joint to do the buy cars and your enthusiasm for

the motor sport. Yep. So, these can you so so that introduces some interesting areas for me and the three things I think I’d like to first ask about an order. First of all, the, the way that the cars being their point of contact with each other how that how that creates a culture that’s so last questions about that. Then I want to know I’m interested in the kind of lot like what happens to the main characters as time passes through the tix and how that relates to the culture and the people that are interested in them. And then thirdly, kind of like to ask a bit about the cars themselves. So, but we’ll leave that near the end. All right. So starting off is Tell me a bit more about in the book how this how do people meet each other through their interesting cars and ceiling of Christchurch like how does he even happen.

It’s kind of funny how it happens to you sort of see them driving around. You’ll

notice on to cause as well and it’s like comets and you’ll meet up there, talk to each other like talk about your cars and they just gradually become friends. Yeah. The, the,

I used to them crushes and some there and it was definitely one of the roots for a while, what people would do this circuit. Yeah, it says there were certain times in the weekend when there would be literally hundreds

of people doing saying it’s around my neighborhood. Sometimes people got quite frustrated with them they they kind of they they were staying within the law that we’re driving to the speed limit, they were they were not doing anything that you could criticize still level still treated as if that was somehow breaking some kind of unwritten rules. Does that is that what happens in the book like the others people seen by the society around them as being

antagonistic Yeah, definitely. It’s like I’m this kind of like a stereo typical boy racer thing but in this book. It shows that there’s more to it. It’s not they’re not doing anything bad. Apart from there was this one but in the start with actually steal a car, but

other than that

they’re actually quite friendly people

they get along well and not sort of like that quite close friends. What is it that what is it about cars themselves that makes that connection happen like when you think about it, it’s just a practical thing it’s transport motor transport, but to these guys it’s it’s a lot more yes definitely a lot more. So what is what is their car today it’s

it’s it’s hard to explain. It’s like

the happy place yeah that’s what they love doing. And

that’s what they think about all the time. It’s what drives them yeah and and and it ended the amount of effort they put into preparing and modifying cars demonstrates that doesn’t. Yeah.

Can you think of anything and like like just for you personally do you share an interest in that. Yeah. Yeah,

I definitely have an interest in and that

would be something I want to grow up to be like right yeah so how about that, given that that’s the case. How about the issues that for example in the book business

if you were part of their culture and you feel really strongly involved in it and is going on and you’re asked to be involved. Even though you’re not someone who chooses to break the law. Normally, can you imagine this being put in a situation where your influence to participate.

I’m kinda like I know I wouldn’t want to do that but you know peer pressure works and that

especially in a situation like this where it appears that the characters really closely related closely bonded through the mutual interest. Yeah.

How does that work. I’m just interested in your view on it. Have you ever experienced or been in a situation like that.

No, I haven’t myself but in the book. It’s yeah they are really close like they stick together and I’m at a wall and when they were stealing a car. They were they worked really well as a team.

So they they turned that excellent co closeness into something Tinsley yeah that can happen, what would stop it in that book that they provide any solution to it like as time passed that fifth become an issue in the text.

They managed to hide it really well, like say I succeeded yet what they basically did was they successfully stole the car drove it out really quietly and they took it to an alleyway and basically what they were doing was

stripping the car of all the parts that they could resell and then once they got it down to the beer frame. They burned the frame and just sort of like clear that clear the evidence. Yeah, and I think they did it quite quite successfully. Yeah,

and the you’re just just moving on to the kind of other things that because represent one of the interesting aspects of this is that it seems to me to be quite seems to be more typical of me and rather than women that that would get interested in this sort of thing. I’m not saying there are no women who are interested in cars but typically it’s in since be an interest in men can you understand why that might be.

I’m not sure really is just

to explain you know this is it comes like by the way of that. For the purposes of this task. You don’t have to know the answers to these questions. It’s just something we’re discussing are the characters mostly male in the book. There are some females like there’s also a bit of romance

than the book when can the main character and his girlfriend. Yeah,

that’s there’s a few girls, but I can understand

that it’s more kind of female. It is interesting isn’t it like I used to teach in school and questions and one of my students was a girl. Right. So basically, and she had a beautifully modified think Twitter starlet the rear wheel drive version and she was. Yeah. Actually, she had a beautifully prepared karma. She says he found it quite hard to be accepted in the boy right community because she was a girl, even though she she’d done the work on her car well into it was very interesting. How do you what do you think you know what are your thoughts about that. I think it’s pretty cool that they want to get into that as well, like it’s quite like we should be accepting there and it is becoming more and more common right and yeah yeah so and you personally. Is there a character and it takes that you identified with or that you’re related to in any way.

Sure. Really, I did quite like the main character can Yes,

it took quite a great leadership role and he kind of he was just there for his friends when he needed to be what sort of leadership or like when he when he took a leadership role. What was the evidence of that. How could you see him as a leader

when one part of the book The was

they will what can sort of came up with this idea where they found an old abandoned road and they wanted to start racing. So I’d be out of the cities in there and he definitely took a big step then took control of it. Yeah,

what what qualities do you have that made him successful as a leader like had it lucky obviously admired that and

how did he find himself in that place. What was he like as a person. It was just

very considerate. Right. It was always thinking of his friends and, you know, doing what was suitable for them, how right and just being there for them. So

that’s an interesting set of criteria for leadership, isn’t it. Yeah, that’s not what people necessarily always think of this. I think that be kind of a bossy, but he was just right. Andy and Did you learn anything from that like are you that kind of Lady yourself are I would like to yeah did and we move on to the side of it like what sort of cars with a modifying and driving

like can hit a Toyota Mr to

it was it was a few cars. It was also like just lots of skylines and in a sense in there. So

in terms of your knowledge of cars, personally, are they still casa, you find that they are interested in. Yeah, like how How old’s this book is that recent enough to still be like valid to you from from from the car. I’m not sure how the book is it might be 10, years old, but it’s still god

I’m interested in today. Yeah.

And does it show enough knowledge of the cars like do you feel like that the author has enough knowledge of the actual world of where races yet to be to have written properly about it, yes, it’s quite an dip yeah and and he doesn’t get it wrong. Oh facts. So what does that suggest you think the authors of way racer himself for I’m from doesn’t come across that way. I mean, you can’t comes across that the author has put himself and to can

and then it might actually be his own car right so it does that much detail then yeah, cuz it’s quite a lot to know isn’t there. Yeah. Is there a sort of data that you can think of that gives you a sense that he doesn’t really know that from experience. Yeah,

like it’s not all the details, not something that you can just research up and type it in its yeah that’s something that hey would have gone through himself. Can you give an example

probably just like how he feels the car drives and how he explains that like how smooth it is and all those little those little things. It’s I talked about that a little bit treat

it treat me as someone who wouldn’t have a clue.


and you just, it can really just feel car rides as a wood to earn Omnicom so so what sort of thing. What do you say about the car or describing the book about that give you a sense that

he’s speaking from experience

is quite in depth when he’s talking about even just gear changing like he knows how it feels when the shift and and also how the whole car handles itself right

and out of out of this is like the share an interest in specific models of car like do you have a personal interest in particular models and other characters that that drive those vehicles in the in the book. Yeah, I did have some favorites on there. There was

an arc seven, which was like described quite well and it was thoroughly modified and there and it sounded pretty cool like I was almost imagining it right yeah and there aren’t many Eric Stevens around here

the you know Vinny I have seen a comfortable for and they were they were quite they’re quite distinctive sounding vehicles because their regular engines like yeah

like this is probably assessment,

one of the local police

used to live across the road from me the local police in one occur when we were kids, instead of crossroads and he had next five days. Yeah. And He always was in great admiration of him as quite funny. He’s now here is a placement on here in the teacher. I mean,

this is this long history. Some of these kinds. Yes, the, the, the, ultimately, an egg question I’m quite interested in asking is going back to the crime that happened at the start, which I would I’m guessing here was probably quite a bonding experience for all of them. Yeah, the, the,

the moral conflict and that is something I’d like to have a conversation about like while that brought those guys together and they were really was to prove that though okay for something quite difficult and surviving or thriving. As a result,

obviously, as, as a teacher, I have a problem with it the crime being the the unifying thing other that’s probably quite true to real life that’s probably what does happen when a group of people perform a crime together.

What troubles me is

how and I’m only interested in this is a proper conversation cannabis that presents a crime in such a positive way influence people into crime.

Um, I

would say it possibly could, like, from how they did it at sounded very successful when someone could just read this book

and basically copy exactly everything they did and possibly pull it off. Yeah, and the sense of the value of it sounds like really strengthen their relationships with each other. Yeah, which is obviously one of the more important things in life for all of us. So what, what am I asking you now is get again, personally, why would you not be influenced to comment crime based on the fact you’re interested in cars that you’re interested, you’re like you care about the relationships between others who are also interested in cars and you see how that can be a unifying thing what would stop you. How could you stop yourself if you’re if you’re in that culture and people were were preparing themselves to commit a crime.

Well, basically the thought of it being a crime would kind of stop me, but it’s

yeah it’s hard. It’s just

being with your friends and all that pressure

might make a wrong decision

and actually go through and do it

and they as as the Justice could end up being quite positive thing in your nice yeah

they definitely pulled it off. Exactly. And that just brings a like the broader conversation about their

about what books are, you know, puts you into a world, maybe a lot like you’re in yeah and explore situations that can come up and allows you to think through how you would react to them, which I think is a successful have a book does it doesn’t. Yeah, I think you’re a man with a mind your own. It’s not like you read something in a book and then go and do it. Yeah, but it does allow you to actually contemplate with the word or how those things come about because people will form crimes. I often in classified as criminals and they’re seen socially very differently. Yeah. What this does is suggests that actually criminals nice every everybody could potentially be you know it’s not actually it’s not like a born as bad people. And I think that brings into a much more natural conversation about how people go wrong. Yeah. People usually go wrong. I think what you’re saying those books, just in very small and understandable ways. Yeah.

No, it’s often actually when you when you understand how they got there very, very, you could very easily see yourself there yeah like it’s it’s not being criminal wasn’t always about what type of person you are. It’s more about where you’re from and what you’ve been brought up with what you’re around

that is excellent.

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