24th May 2018

job application letter

dear …

hi, my name is Angus. Motorsports runs through my blood, I have a great passion towards all things with engines and I am extremely fascinated by the world of mechanics!. Every day I strive to widen my knowledge in learning everything I possibly can. becoming a mechanic is something I have thought of since I was young. I have grown up around Jet sprint boats and loved the rumbling v8s and ever since then, I have a growing obsession for all things motors.

I am very pleased to hear that an employer is looking for someone that is as enthusiastic as I am because that is music to my ears knowing that my passion for cars and learning new things every day is needed for your application. I also notice that value the importance of a team that can work together well and so do I! The job you are offering is the perfect opportunity for me to apply my skills and enthusiasm into a new work environment. all tho I don’t have the experience working in a garage, I have worked in a bike shop being a part-time bike mechanic and I think that the skills I picked up over time will convert over quite easily such as learning how to adapt to any situation quickly, how to identify a problem and overcome it, how to use my bright spark of creativity as an advantage to come up with ideas to work around problems and last but lot least, no matter what you will always have at least one Allen key missing.

I understand you are looking for a young bloke like myself that is straight up, clean cut, respectful, who is always happy and well adjusted. Who wants to be part of a sensational team of professional hardworking good buggers. I’d like to say that accurately sums up me as a person but that would be an understatement! I take great pride in how I present my self with my hygiene, looks, and manners I follow rules easily and understand calling in on sick days, being punctual, looking clean, having clean records are standard rules and also the unwritten rules were you can never refuse to crack a cold one with the lads after work

there is a growing automotive industry out there and my understanding of the future is that everything is evolving and adapting which fascinates me with my knowledge of the rise of gas prices and electric cars and what is next to come with tecnlocial advances in the automotive industry. my value of customer service is that no matter what you treat all customers with the highest grade of respect because a business is nothing without a happy customer, I take pride in looking after customers and making sure they leave with the satisfaction they deserve.

I am prepared to take on your position you are offering and will go the extra mile to gain hands-on experiences to better your business and support your success. I welcome this opportunity to discuss this position and questions with you further. thank you for your time.

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  1. As we discussed in class, the ‘motorsports runs through my blood’ metaphor is gold – I encourage you to put that up front to capture your employer’s interest.

    Using rich language like that will both impress any employer, but moreover give you a good chance of a strong result in your English assessment.


  2. You need to organise your letter into paragraphs that follow the structure outlined in the task.

    Paragraphs should cover things like:

    1) Experience with cars
    2) Your personal disposition – what kind of man are you?
    3) Your knowledge of the automotive industry – it’s good to refer to something happening currently, like the move towards electric motors
    4) Other aspects of your experience in the world that will make you an asset to them



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