13th February 2018

Shea: how was your weekend sam?


Sam: it was pretty good, went to my cousins 21st


Yeah (pause) in hedgehop, yeah (pause) little shitty farming town halfway from gore and Invercargill


Angus: it like halfway


Sam: yeah it’s like in between the two holes, it was just speights and shit chat and yeah (pause)


Angus: yeah (pause)


Sam: yeah pretty much, shea what did you get up to?


Shea: went to a trail ride in Kingston, got stung by a bee, went to Invercargill


Sam: that’s nice


Shea: yeah, how about you Angus?


Angus: um I like woke up and then I went to work, then I finished work and it was really hot, ahh and theeen I was hanging out with otto doing a bit of biking and then ahh um and then I came home.


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