Ever seen a rental car packed with tourist driving through town and your gut feeling is that they are going to do something dangerous and the next second you see them going the wrong way on a roundabout. well, that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. we see it everywhere, on the news, in your […]

book report 1/2 movie review 0/2 short story 0/2

Angus Harraway 101 Mt Iron Drive Wanaka (027) 071 0151 [email protected] SKILLS Punctual and eager to get on with the job, can use my creativity in many ways to solve problems, will take on any task as my mission and complete to the best I can, confident with my communication skills and can hold a conversation with […]

dear … hi, my name is Angus. Motorsports runs through my blood, I have a great passion towards all things with engines and I am extremely fascinated by the world of mechanics!. Every day I strive to widen my knowledge in learning everything I possibly can. becoming a mechanic is something I have thought of […]

I have great leadership skills. During the Year 11 Business Challenge, I played a leadership role by using my social confidence to put others at ease, allowing everyone to give their best. Our group won the challenge against 8 other teams by solving a local tourist driving problem by developing an innovative and realistic GPS […]

So Angus you’re doing your journal entry for your label to reading long on a nonfiction tix that you’ve read. Could you tell me the title and the title is Chef light and order is David. David, gentlemen. Yeah. Can you tell me about it. What’s it what’s it about it’s basically about just dirt […]

we modify our spoken and text language for good reasons why we need it faster. Writing is inherently slow, but when we text each other, we’re trying to re-create the rhythm, speed, responsiveness and sophistication of our spoken conversations. This means that features of language that are usually only available when we speak to each other, have […]

Shea: how was your weekend sam?   Sam: it was pretty good, went to my cousins 21st   Yeah (pause) in hedgehop, yeah (pause) little shitty farming town halfway from gore and Invercargill   Angus: it like halfway   Sam: yeah it’s like in between the two holes, it was just speights and shit chat and yeah (pause) […]